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If you are running a business that provides food, or needs cleaning products, South Coast Foodservice either stocks what you need or can get almost everything you could want or need!

South Coast Foodservice delivers food (and cleaning products) daily to a diverse range of food providers. These include pubs and clubs, hotels and motels, cafes and restaurants, caterers and bakeries, supermarkets, hotels, schools and hospitals, supermarkets and takeaways, health and aged care facilities.

We are a leading wholesaler and distributor, supplying a wide range of frozen lines,small goods, grocery food products, packaging, commercial cookware, chemicals, paper products and confectionery. Our service area extends from Esperance to Lake King in the West, to Norseman in the North, and South Australia in the East, and all the areas in between.

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  • Access over 16,000 line products from leading brands
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  • Daily deliveries ensure your orders are there when you need them
  • You benefit from our 60 yrs experience in the food service industry
  • Our one stop shop is guaranteed to meet all your needs

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We make ordering by phone,fax or email easy for food providers,  to ensure you get your order delivered  to your business premises when you need it.  We also invite you to join the growing number of customers who now order using our online store.

We also sell direct to the public at our Esperance showroom, where you can make big savings by purchasing food and cleaning products at wholesale prices!  Find out more about our Cash and Carry Service

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Our award winning sales team have extensive knowledge of the product lines and can give you recommendations products based on quality, price, suitability and popularity. In addition, we promise that if you don’t have what you want in stock, if you need it, we’ll find it!

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